Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where have all the good games gone?

The summer lull seems to occur almost annually these days. All the big developers are holding back their giant triple-A titles until the Christmas period. Nothing is being released, nothing is being announced. What can a gamer do with a distinct lack of new and interesting titles? If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be hitting the growing stack of unfinished games you’ve been accruing over the last few months. This blog post is dedicated to all the old games I’m playing at the moment that are seeing me through the dry spell until my next major purchase (Battlefield 3, Hoorah!).

Oscar Mike to the first game, The Tomb Raider Trilogy (alas only on PS3). This pack rams Legend, Anniversary and Underworld onto one Bluray Disc of glory. In addition, the former two have been given the HD treatment. Before I picked up the pack, I’d only really ever played the demos so I was shocked to find three great games for a really low price. Well worth a look for any PS3 owner!

I’ve also gone back to Mass Effect 2 to tidy up loose ends and complete all the downloadable content released in the games lifetime. One such mission, The Arrival, is designed to bridge the gap in story between ME2 and the 3rd instalment in the series due out next year. It’s been fantastic to get back into the game as it’s easily one of my favourite games ever made!

My girlfriend loves a game or two but it’s very rare we get to play together. I like driving games, she doesn’t. I like music games, she doesn’t. I like deep RPG’s, she doesn’t. But what we both like is shooting stuff in the face. Enter Borderlands, the highpaced openworld shooterRPG. The great thing about this game is the coop. We can work together if we like, or just run about shooting stuff. Many an hour has been sunk into world of Pandora and its vast amount loot and enemies with faces to shoot.

And finally, in lieu of what will undoubtedly be my game of 2011, I’ve been playing multiplayer Battlefield Bad Company 2. I’m not a massive fan of most multiplayer games as they make me angry and I REALLY hate to lose. For some reason though, Battlefield is different. It’s more strategic and team orientated than other shooters and it feels slightly more rooted in the real world. So if you lose it’s because the other team were genuinely better than you, rather than just opened fire from the hip at the right time.

Of course, as an alternative to the above, you could enjoy the summer snooze by putting the controller down and getting out in the sun. Ah hell, who am I kidding? Who needs sunshine anyway?

What do you have in your To Be Complete pile? What are you dying to have released?
Leave a comment below and let me know!